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Honor in the Air

Remembering Captain Scott Robinson Alwin
Scott Alwin poses with his


This documentary is a story of inspiration, dedication, valor and love, following the life of one soldier while recognizing an entire generation.


As the 50th anniversary of the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam draws near and our nation is called to remember an incredibly unpopular war, we bring you the story of a humble man who became a decorated aviator and hero. Scott served five tours of duty during the Vietnam war as an Army helicopter pilot, first flying slicks and later, gunships.

Scott’s skills, daring, and decorations stand as a testament to his valor and include 136 documented Air Medals, Vietnam Republic Medals, Purple Hearts, Bronze Stars, Silver Stars, and Distinguished Flying Crosses, all with oak leaf clusters. He and a fellow Top Tiger pilot, Howard M. King, developed a low approach autorotation technique to counter tail rotor failure and taught it to other pilots in their unit. The army still teaches this technique to all helicopter pilots in their standard training today.

It was while in Vietnam that Scott met, fell in love with, and married his wife, Du Duong “Tess”. Scott went to war because he loved his country, the United States of America. During his five tours of duty, he fell in love with Vietnam, too. To those who knew him, his legacy of love and honor lives on.

Scott Alwin poses with his helicopter
Remains of crashed helicopter
Scott Alwin on Vietnamese farming machin
Scott Alwin with helicopter and young Vi
Scott Alwin with Top Tigers emblem
Scott Alwin with young Vietnamese soldie


Pamela Alwin Fullerton
Pamela is Scott Alwin's sister, an award- winning author, and retired attorney.

Writer/Director/ProducerSusan Reetz
Susan has directed and produced many projects, including the following award-winning documentaries.
- Missing Threads: The Story of the Wisconsin Indian Child Welfare Act
- Tuba Ted: The Man and the Music
- Living In Shadows: The Innocent Victims
of Meth
Director of Photography Brian Alberth
Brian is an outstanding cinematographer and director of photography working with clients worldwide. He was the lead cinematographer on Missing Threads: The Story of the Wisconsin Indian Child Welfare Act. 

Don Byrne
Don is a highly talented editor working with clients large and small throughout the U.S. He edited Living in Shadows: The Innocent Victims of Meth, and did final editing on Tuba Ted: The Man and the Music. 

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