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The story of Scott Robinson Alwin is just one example of many from the troubled Vietnam war era that have been forgotten or ignored. These courageous patriots deserve to be recognized and restored to the pantheon of great American military heroes who sacrificed so much for the good of us all.

As a documentary filmmaker Scott’s story captivated me from the very beginning. The eldest brother in a family of 16 siblings (12 biological and four adopted), he was a man who knew responsibility and conviction. He was intelligent, inquisitive, and committed to helping others. He was a hero, quietly doing what was right.

In our current age of divisiveness, Honor in the Air is a look back at another tumultuous time in our country’s history. Telling Scott’s story is a way to restore the inspiration, acknowledgement of one another, and understanding of the soldier’s humanity; an understanding of which our country and those soldiers were deprived.

Scott left a legacy of civic-minded determination and kindness that influenced his wife, his children, his siblings, those he served with and almost anyone else lucky enough to have known him. That is the story we will tell. It is a story that our nation needs to hear.

Susan Reetz         

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