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A Special Guest

On Saturday March 30, 50 people gathered at the Marathon County Public Library in Wausau to watch Honor in the Air. The audience included WSAW Channel 7's Nolan Bulmahn, many Veterans, several individuals who contributed to the film's production budget, Alwin family members, and another special individual, Chuck, who served with Captain Alwin.

Chuck and Scott became close friends while serving in Vietnam. They were both from Wisconsin and had both lived in rural communities. Chuck was devastated when he learned of Scott's death and attended his funeral to pay his respects to the man he cared so much about, and to offer comfort to Scott's widow, siblings and the rest of the family.

Chuck brought with him a photo we hadn't seen before of him, Captain Alwin and many other pilots of the 68th, along with his own Distinguished Flying Cross and other items.

We appreciate Chuck and every other individual who attended the screening. You can find the full list of upcoming showings here. Thank you!

You can watch Nolan's story about the film and screening here. Thank you Nolan!

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