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Educating Students and Adults: Recent Presentations

Wausau East High School

Pamela Fullerton stands in front of stage at Wausau East High School

On Friday March 17, 2023, Pamela and Susan spoke to a group of about 200 Wausau East High School sophomores and their teachers about Captain Scott Alwin. We enjoyed sharing details of the documentary process and progress, and of course, many stories from Captain Alwin's life. The students had just finished a unit on the Vietnam War in their social studies classes.

Christy Powell, one of the Wausau East High School social studies teacher, shared this with us:

"I wish you could have been at East throughout the day. You had an impact on the students. They listened to what you had to say and they enjoyed it. The kids have commented that you mentioned several things we studied and those connections allowed them to have a good visual of reality for Vietnam War soldiers. I would say, 'Mission Accomplished'."

Rio (Wisconsin) American Legion Post 208

On Sunday March 19, 2023, Honor in the Air team members Penny and Pamela made a presentation to members and friends of the American Legion Post #208 in Rio, Wisconsin. The presentation about Captain Scott Alwin was made at the invitation of Adjutant Jerry Traut and Commander Terry Schraufnagel.

The attentive audience included Post Members, Auxiliary and community people. It was a delight to have whole families with children in attendance. They were so well behaved and certainly added a special energy to the gathering.

As usual, after the presentation, Penny and Pamela were privileged to listen while Post Veterans told their own personal stories of bravery and service. This sharing makes doing these presentations about Scott a unique experience for everyone who attends. And it certainly reinforces the concept behind the documentary “Honor in the Air”, which is, to make a film that honors, not just Scott, but all those gallant veterans with whom he served and fought so courageously in service to our great nation. Thanks again to Post #208 for the invitation and a wonderful afternoon of camaraderie, interesting stories, and friendship.

We welcome financial donations to help cover production costs.

For more information about the Honor in the Air project, contact the film's producers:

Pamela Fullerton, 715.675.4115,

Susan Reetz, 715-212-6239,

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