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Fundraising in Progress!

Fundraising has begun! To date we have received a total of $3,000. Thanks to Teresa N., Heather W., Penny A., and Bill P. for supporting this project.

We are accepting donations via PayPal and check through our project fiscal sponsor, Film Green Bay. They are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, so your gift may be tax deductible. You can help us meet our funding and production goals, and ultimately share this inspiring story.

There are three ways to donate:

1) Through Venmo online @ Treasurer FilmGreenBay. You'll be asked, "What's it for?" Your answer will be, "Honor in the Air."

2)You can donate online through PayPal.

3) Or you can send a check, made out to Film Green Bay with a note that it is for Honor in the Air, to Film Green Bay, attention Sue Garrity, P.O. Box 28526, Green Bay, WI 54324-8526.

Thank you for your support for this project. It means so much.

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