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Snapshots of Pilot Service in Vietnam

4 men pose with helicopter in Vietnam late 60s
L to R - Ken "Skip" Henry (door gunner), Gary Holloway (Crew Chief), Scott Alwin (Pilot/Gunner), and Gary Drackett (Pilot/Aircraft Commander)

We thought you'd appreciate these photos, courtesy of Dave Holloway, one of the members of the 68th Assault Helicopter Company who served with Scott Alwin in Vietnam.

Vietnam War helicopter pilot with minigun sight
Scott Alwin holds the pilot's sight for the minigun system

Thanks for your ongoing support of this project. Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested. And of course, contributions toward the production budget are gratefully accepted. Online is great (Paypal), or mail a check to Film Green Bay and include a note that it is for the Honor in the air project.

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