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  • Pamela Alwin Fullerton

At the Wisconsin American Legion Midwinter Convention

My sister, Penny Alwin Kleinhans, and I attended the Wisconsin American Legion Midwinter Convention on January 14 and 15, 2022 to share information about the Honor in the Air documentary film project. Attendees appreciated learning about Vietnam War helicopter pilot Scott Alwin, his work with the 68th Army Assault Helicopter Company, and his life. (

We enjoyed seeing so many friends from the great Posts at which we’ve given Honor in the Air presentations. We met again with the wonderful men from Wausau Post 10, including Commander Weller and Adjutant Borchardt. We also saw many friends From Clintonville, New London, and other Posts. We spoke with our friend, Wisconsin Department Chaplain Peterson, too. It’s always good to have such a dedicated man enthusiastic about a project. Besides, as lifelong preacher’s kids, just like Scott was, it is comforting to have a Chaplain at our side.

The Honor in the Air team has received so much support for our project from Veterans, and we cannot thank them enough. Commander Weller and the veterans from Post 10 have continued to come up with terrific ideas to promote Scott’s story and our continued progress on the documentary film; a documentary we hope will underscore the service and gallantry of all Vietnam era Vets. We will be working with Post 10 throughout the coming spring and summer on new events so watch for updates.

Steve Conto of ‘The Final Bridge’ (Sheboygan Post) will be coming north to visit the little rural cemetery in which Scott is buried to help restore his tombstone and military grave marker. We look forward to his visit and appreciate his service to veterans across the state.

It was an incredible weekend with so many American Legion members. We hope to engage with other Veteran groups in the same way.

If your Post would like to schedule a free presentation, just give us a call. We love doing these visits and we believe the veterans, auxiliary, and public who come to share an evening, enjoy the experience too. Hope to see you soon! - Pamela Alwin Fullerton Co-Producer, Honor in the Air

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