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Presentation to American Legion Post 10

Pamela Fullerton, Legion Post 10 Commander and photo of Scott Alwin
Pamela Fullerton & American Legion Post 10 Commander Larry Jaeger pose with photo of Captain Scott Alwin.

On Tuesday, August 18, Pamela Fullerton and I attended a meeting of the American Legion Post 10 at Bunkers in Wausau, Wisconsin. The group was kind enough to invite us to talk about the documentary film project we are undertaking about Pamela's brother, Army Captain Scott Alwin.

We were warmly welcomed by the group and Pamela spoke passionately about her brother, his life, his service and his death. We explained that the film is intended to represent so many Vietnam war veterans who faithfully served their country yet were denied the hero's welcome bestowed on so many war veterans before them. With this film, we recognize one of their own, and one of our shining Wisconsin and U.S. heroes.


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