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  • Pamela Alwin Fullerton

Thank you, Cornell Post 353

On October 9, 2021, another gorgeous fall day, Penelope and I met with veterans and auxiliary members from the Cornell American Legion Post 353 (Wisconsin). Chaplain Raymond Peterson had invited us to speak about Captain Scott Alwin, the subject of the upcoming documentary, Honor in the Air. The presentation was held in the Cornell High School auditorium and was graciously hosted by Principal David Elliott.

After we finished speaking there was a spirited question and answer session which included the opportunity to hear the stories of local vets. It is one of my favorite reasons for doing these talks... I get to meet such incredible people while sharing Scott’s story.

I can’t neglect to mention the donation that was presented to us for the documentary. It was so thoughtful and generous. And I do have to mention that Mrs. Peterson sent us off on our drive home with a delicious gift from her Bakery/Sweet Shop. It made that ride home a real ‘treat’!

Pamela Fullerton

Co-Producer ‘Honor in the Air’

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Oct 16, 2021

Good on all of the preproduction promos. In the end you will have kept one facet of the greater story's gem bright and shining.

Brian Wizard.

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