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At the Wisconsin State Historical Society Archives

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Wisconsin Historical Society sign and building

I love to do research. That is probably part of what draws me to writing and producing documentary films, along with writing scripts, education copy and articles.

Yesterday I packed up my notebooks and laptop and spent the day at the Wisconsin State Historical Society archives going through letters, photos and other documents related to our current documentary project, Honor in the Air: Remembering Captain Scott Alwin.

The staff here are not only helpful, but kind and accommodating. My friend, Irene MacFarland, who came along to help scan items, and I, felt welcome from the time we walked up to the information desk. A lovely class of students came in and listening to the welcome and orientation given to them sparked even more ideas for our own research.

Two other people, Marc and Beth Storch, were there all afternoon scanning items related to the Civil War. Even though they had their own work to do, they often paused to chat, share tips for efficient use of the scanners, and asked about our project. The result: an atmosphere of collegiality that made the time fly.

It was enlightening to read the numerous letters written by or to Scott. There were also several photographs that we will add to our resources for the project, as well as publications about the 68th Assault Helicopter Company, 145th Combat Aviation Battalion, schoolwork and more.

We will have one more trip to finish researching at the Wisconsin State Historical Society’s archives and a visit to the Wisconsin Veterans Museum and then, on to the National Archives.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move through the production process. And of course, thank you for your support.


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