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Honor In the Air: Screening for the VHPA, and more

Three men at the front of a stage
Mike Law (standing) and Frans Vandenbroek listen as Ed Strazzini addresses the audience.
three men at the front of a stage talk to audience
Mike Law (standing) and Ed Strazzini listen as Frans Vandenbroek talks to the audience.

We were delighted with the opportunity to show Honor In the Air at the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association reunion in Reno, Nevada on May 15. Penny Alwin Kleinhans and Pamela Alwin Fullerton had planned to attend the showing. Unfortunately, an illness prevented their travel. We were very fortunate that Frans Vandenbroek and Ed Strazzini, two of the men who served with Captain Alwin in the 68th Assault Helicopter Company during the Vietnam War and who gladly counted him among their friends, were able to step in. The two men, who both appear in the film, introduced the film and answered questions.

Frans later told us that, "The documentary is spectacular, especially on a large screen. Ed and I, and all that saw it were impressed."

Another recent screening was organized by the G.E. Beskacek Family Memorial Library in Bloomer, Wisconsin and held at the Bloomer Middle School. We had a good attendance of Veterans and other community members (including a lovely 2nd grader). Pamela Alwin Fullerton and I enjoyed a lively question and answer session/discussion after the film, and audience members appreciated being able to see (and touch) the nose cone from the last helicopter that Captain Alwin flew in Vietnam, and to peruse the photos, magazine articles and other items that Pamela always brings to presentations.

Our June presentations will include Badger Boys State, the Augusta Memorial Public Library, and the Portage Public Library. Sign up for our e-newsletter or get in touch with us by filling out the form on our website home page ( to stay informed about our activities. Our website also has a list of all confirmed screenings.

Thanks for your support!!

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