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  • Pamela Alwin Fullerton

Presenting at the Wisconsin Legion Convention 2022

Honor in the Air team members Penny Alwin-Kleinhans and Pamela Alwin Fullerton were privileged to speak at the recent Wisconsin American Legion 2022 State Convention in Green Bay.

After the introduction by Commander Eirich, our presentation on Captain Scott R. Alwin was warmly received by the enthusiastic audience of Veterans and friends.

It’s always a pleasure to share this story of a humble, rural Wisconsin preacher’s kid turned American aviation hero with an audience who certainly understands his accomplishments and the sacrifices he and all those he flew and fought with made for their country and for their audience that surely contains other heroes, many unknown except perhaps to themselves, a close comrade or two, or maybe their own families.

Penny and I got to share stories about growing up in a very large family where the kids worked hard and played hard and where the memories of engaging in some of Scott’s dare-devil adventures still bring laughter and tears decades later.

We spoke of the stories told to us over the years by veterans he flew and fought with in the 68th Assault Helicopter Company and others who admired his skill as a leader, a warrior and consummate, highly decorated aviator.

We told the veterans about the documentary we aiming to complete for the 50th Anniversary of the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam in recognition of the gallantry of Scott and all of those who fought in that disrespected war for all the right and valorous reasons.

We want to thank Legion staff. Angie for being so gracious and coordinating our speech and power-point presentation so efficiently and Stephanie for hosting us and setting up the nose-cone art display. And Emily, thanks for your kind and generous comments and we’ll look forward to that phone call and invitation.

It is always a pleasure to do these presentations and share our stories along with updates about the documentary. If you'd like more information about our project or to set up a presentation for your group, please get in touch.


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